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Scholastic Activities

Creative Writing

The ACSI Creative Writing Festival provides opportunities for students to develop their writing skills. Through the use of evaluative criteria, students will receive encouragement and instruction regarding their submitted writings. The highest scored superior works are published each spring in the Creative Writing Book of Winners.

Math Fest

Students participate in a school wide math event that promotes excitement and a love for math.

Speech Meet

The ACSI Elementary Speech Meet gives students in grades 1-6 the opportunity to develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence. Students demonstrate their ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage. Participants do not compete against one another, rather, they are judged against an established set of criteria.

Spelling Bee

The ACSI Spelling Bee is not an exercise in memorization, but in spelling abilities. Proper and confident communication skills are encouraged while students also develop vocabulary and accurate word usage. Grade level competitions are held in individual rooms for all grade levels followed by a spell-off for the top spellers in grades 5-8. The top spellers from the spell-off qualify to compete at the Regional Spelling Bee. Top spellers from that bee will go on to compete at ACSI's National Spelling Bee.

State/World Expo

The entire school participates in either a state or world expo that promotes/celebrates an understanding of other state or world differences. Students study cultures, languages, foods, and family traditions. The month long event culminates in an expo that everyone gets to share what has been learned as people explore each of the countries/states.

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