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FACTS Tuition Program

FACTS / Nelnet Business Solutions is the nation's leading provider of tuition payment plans. In addition to helping families with monthly tuition payments, they also offer expanded flexibility for parents and schools that meets your high expectations. FACTS can also bill you for incidental fees accumulated throughout the year, meaning less paperwork from the school and easier payments.

Some of the benefits include

  • Increased affordability and convenience
  • Easy payment plan sign-up (online or paper)
  • Flexible payment options (pay in full, by semester, or monthly)
  • Intuitive online account maintenance
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Switch among financial accounts
  • Families can pay ahead online
  • Families can pay by telephone
  • Mobile-friendly payment site
  • "No Login" online payment option
  • One-click Spanish translation option
  • Multiple students on one agreement
  • Payment notice emailed 2-days after missed payment due date (invoice)

Be sure to ask the office about setting up your account when you register.

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