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Tuition 2021-2022

At Christian Hills, your child will discover his or her God-given potential, make lifelong friends, learn to serve, and graduate ready to make a difference in the community. While this will require the investment of your financial resources, we believe you will see that this is a worthy investment in your child.

  • Grade
    # of Days
    Tuition Cost
  • Preschool 3yr
  • Preschool 3yrs
    3 Half Days
  • Preschool 3yrs
    3 Full Days
  • Preschool 3yrs
    5 Full Days
  • Preschool 4yr
  • Preschool 4yrs
    5 Half Days
  • Preschool 4yrs
    5 Full Days
  • Kindergarten - 8th
  • Kindergarten - 8th
    5 Full Days

3 Day Preschool is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Half-days are from 8:25 am - 11:30 am
Full days are from 8:25 am - 3:22 pm


  • First child (oldest) pays FULL tuition

  • Second child receives a 15% discount

  • Third child receives a 25% discount

  • Fourth child receives 35% discount

Payment Options

  • Early Pay-off: Pay in full by July 1, 2021, and receive a 2% discount

  • 2 Semester Payments: Pay two equal payments to FACTS during new school year as follows: July 9, 2021 and Dec. 10, 2021

    A $10, non-refundable fee will be paid by each family for set up and administration.

  • Monthly Payments:
    - 10 Monthly Payments to FACTS (July-April) if you enroll by June 30th
    - 9 Monthly Payments to FACTS (August-April) if you enroll by July 31st

    A $50, non-refundable fee will be paid by each family for set up and administration.

Fundraising Fee

Fundraising is a vital part of our school. The money taken in helps cover the cost of many needed upgrades to the school facility and student enhancements. Some examples include the gym floor, smart boards, lab equipment, hands on projects, and much more. In order to facilitate this, we require the fee by August 3rd . In order to assist parents, we will offer two main fundraisers designed to "give back" to the parents. The percentage of money the school would receive by participation in these two fundraisers will go back to the parents.

This fee is due by August 2nd, 2021

  • 1 Student per family
  • 2 Students per family
  • 3+ Students per family

Tuition covers the general cost for faculty, facilities management, and administrative support. It also covers standardized testing.

Optional fees such as: hot lunch, field trips, gym clothes (4th - 8th) or activity fees are not included. This is not an exhaustive list.

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