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Tuition 2024-2025

At Christian Hills, your child will discover his or her God-given potential, make lifelong friends, learn to serve, and graduate ready to make a difference in the community. While this will require the investment of your financial resources, we believe you will see that this is a worthy investment in your child.

  • Grade
    # of Days
    Tuition Cost
  • Preschool 3yr
  • Preschool 3yrs
    3 Half Days
  • Preschool 3yrs
    3 Full Days
  • Preschool 3yrs
    5 Full Days
  • Preschool 4yr
  • Preschool 4yrs
    5 Half Days
  • Preschool 4yrs
    5 Full Days
  • Kindergarten - 8th
  • Kindergarten - 8th
    5 Full Days

3 Day Preschool is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Half-days are from 8:25 am - 11:30 am
Full days are from 8:25 am - 3:22 pm


  • First child (oldest) pays FULL tuition

  • Second child receives a 15% discount

  • Third child receives a 25% discount

  • Fourth child receives 35% discount

Payment Options

  • Early Pay-off: Pay in full by July 1, 2024, and receive a 2% discount

  • 2 Semester Payments: Pay two equal payments to FACTS during new school year as follows: July 10, 2024 and Dec. 10, 2024

    If you pay in full or in two semester halves, you will receive $50 off your tuition.

  • Monthly Payments:
    - 10 Monthly Payments to FACTS (July-April) if you enroll by June 30th
    - 9 Monthly Payments to FACTS (August-April) if you enroll by July 31st

Fundraising Tuition Credit

The school will have two major fundraisers during the school year. Parents who participate in these fundraisers will earn a rebate on their tuition in the amount of the profit the school makes on their sales up to $400 per child.

Tuition covers the general cost for faculty, facilities management, and administrative support. It also covers standardized testing.

Optional fees such as: hot lunch, field trips, gym clothes (4th - 8th) or activity fees are not included. This is not an exhaustive list.

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