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Fine Arts

Art Festival

This ACSI Art Festival encourages art education and promotes artistic creativity and expression. Students are able to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the use of artistic talent. Top-rated, original projects are entered at the art festival and rated using an evaluative rubric.


3rd and 4th grade students are introduced to band through learning how to sight read. They are also introduced to many different instruments. The students then progress to working on recorders.

At the 5th - 8th grade levels, band teaches music theory, tone production, posture for performance and working together as a group.


All students from Pre-3 to 8th grade participate in music class during the week. Music consists of singing, playing, listening, moving and analyzing. They also develop musical skills at age appropriate levels while gaining an understanding of music in relationship to other arts, history and culture.


Students from Pre-3 to 8th grade participate in 2 musical performances throughout the year to showcase what they have learned in the classroom.

Praise and Worship Team

The Praise and Worship Team emphasize ministering to the student body for the glory of the Lord by creating an atmosphere of unified worship.

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