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Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the Christian Hills Church Board and School Committee, I would like to invite you to visit Christian Hills School. Christian Hills School has been serving the Orland area for over 35 years and is a ministry of Christian Hills Church. It is our mission to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to nurture, discipline and educate their children. To this end, we acknowledge that every student is blessed with unique gifts and abilities, and it is our goal to guide our students so that they may reach their full potential both spiritually and academically. The School Committee, instructional staff, and I work daily to provide an environment that is spiritually rich and one that expresses high academic standards.

Guiding Principles Christian Hills School's students are required to reflect a positive attitude, to perform consistently with careful thought. The discipline offered at Christian Hills School is motivated by love, with the goal of moving students toward the molding of a Christ-like character. According to Hebrews 12:6, the Lord disciplines those He loves and He punishes everyone that He accepts as a son. Christian Hills School's Principal and staff desire to teach students to respond to the authority of God by teaching them to respond to the authority of parents and teachers. Proper discipline will build a character that is pleasing to God without stifling creativity or self-expression.

Our Teachers

  • sapulich Cathy Sapulich
    K4 Grade
  • mollow Dawn Mollo
    K5 Grade
  • mccartney Kathy McCartney
    1st Grade
  • robinson Denise Robinson
    2nd Grade
  • devries Shari Yff
    3rd Grade
  • bergeron Nicki Bergeron
    4th Grade
  • admire Kimberly Admire
    5th Grade
  • kathy white Kathy White
    6th Grade
  • cristine pavoni Cristine Pavoni
    7th & 8th Grade
  • sue paluch Sue Paluch
  • tiffany dawkins Tiffany Dawkins
  • marion palowski Marion Pawlowski
  • therese berglund Therese Berglund
    Computer Arts